Taking the first step to separate from a spouse is a taxing process. The process can be especially difficult when one spouse is financially dependent upon the other spouse. In North Carolina, alimony and post-separation support is a mechanism used to address this issue. The Lorick Law Office, PLLC, is committed to assisting you in this arduous process.

Alimony is a court ordered obligation for a supporting spouse to pay a dependent spouse a monthly payment. However, the process of obtaining alimony can be lengthy. Through post-separation support, a spouse can get financial support from the supporting spouse within a relatively short timeframe. Post-separation support is the temporary form of alimony. To make an award of alimony and post-separation support, the court must conclude that there is a supporting spouse and a dependent spouse. A dependent spouse financially relies upon the supporting spouse to meet his or her reasonable needs.

In North Carolina, the court considers marital misconduct when determining an award of spousal support. A court may find marital misconduct when a spouse does the following: (1) commits adultery; (2) abuses drugs or alcohol and such use results in an adverse impact on the marriage; (3) abandons or leaves the other spouse without justification or explanation; or (4) treats the other spouse cruelly (Note: This list is not exhaustive of all the forms of marital misconduct.).

At The Lorick Law Office, we take the utmost care in handling your alimony and post-separation support case. We make sure that we obtain the necessary information to the best result.