Divorce is difficult. The process can be spiritually and emotionally draining. At The Lorick Law Office, PLLC, we understand the dynamics of divorce. We work with you to ensure that divorce is in fact the proper solution. Our goal is to ease the burden of divorce by taking care of the legal technicalities for you.

In North Carolina, married couples can obtain an absolute divorce and a divorce from bed and board. Regarding absolute divorce, North Carolina is a no-fault state. This means that, despite fault, you are entitled to an absolute divorce after twelve months of living separate and apart from your spouse. A divorce from bed and board is not actually a legal divorce. It is a legal separation. A divorce from bed and board is useful when there is marital misconduct and one spouse would like the guilty spouse to be ejected from the marital home. A court may find marital misconduct when a spouse does the following: (1) commits adultery; (2) abuses drugs or alcohol and such use results in an adverse impact on the marriage; (3) abandons or leaves the other spouse without justification or explanation; or (4) treats the other spouse cruelly (Note: This list is not exhaustive of all the forms of marital misconduct.).

At The Lorick Law Office, we are attentive to your needs as they relate to divorce.