Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is never okay. In certain situations, an individual may need protection from an abusive spouse. Conversely, there are situations when an individual may wrongfully accuse his or her spouse of engaging in domestic violence. Whatever the situation, The Lorick Law Office, PLLC is equip to handle your case.

In North Carolina, a spouse may obtain a 50-B, no contact order, against his or her spouse when there is domestic violence. Domestic violence occurs when a spouse or significant other is physically abusive towards the other spouse or significant other. Domestic violence can also occur in the form of the threats to cause immediate serious bodily harm or death. With a no contact order, the spouse that commits domestic violence is prohibited from having contact with the other spouse for one year.

At The Lorick Law Office PLLC, we know and understand the complexities of domestic violence. We will help you protect yourself and your family. On the other hand, we also have the ability to help you dismiss a false claim of domestic violence.